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Stained Glass Stepping Stone - Printable Sheet

Make 2 copies of your pattern
and choose your glass.
Cut one copy of your pattern out and glue it to your glass - leave the other copy whole as a reference.
Cut out your glass pieces. Grind your glass into shape.
Clean off and lay out your glass face up. Use mosaic mount or clear contact paper with adhesive back to stick on top of your glass.
Greece your mold with Vaseline or "Goose Juice" so that the hardened concrete will slide out. Put your glass in with the contact paper on the bottom and the glass on the top. The mortar mix or sand mix should be the first 1/3rd layer.
The concrete should fill the mold to the top and be the last 2/3rds layer. After about 2 days, carefully flip the mold over and let the stone slide out.
Peel off the contact paper and clean off any extra mortar with a plastic scratchy pad and water. The stone should be thoroughly dry after 60 days and can then be sealed all over with concrete water seal.