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Mosaic Flower Pot - Printable version

First of all, find a creative kid.  If you can't find a kid, you can still do this yourself - we will talk you through it.  Remember, we are here for you.

Glue the decorations on the flower pot on the flower pot.  The decorations need to be water proof.

Be careful about the glue - if you use the silicone.  The silicone dries faster, but tacky glue is non-toxic.

Let the glue dry (at least 1 hour  - but overnight  is good).  Your flower pot is actually good-to-go like this.  You don't need to grout the pot if you don't want to.

Mix your sanded grout with water.  It should be thick enough to hold it in your hand.  Like really smooth mud.


Go ahead and glob it all over the pot that has the design.

Don't be afraid to have some of the pieces covered - just remember where they are at so that you can wash them off.

Let the grout dry for about a 1/2 hour.  Then use a really wet paper towel or sponge to rinse off the decorations.  You aren't actually rubbing off the grout - you are kind of "sponging" or rinsing off the grout.  You let the water smooth the grout.  Have a container of water to rinse out the towel or sponge frequently.

There may still be grout residue on the decorations, but this can be buffed off after it has dried.  Let it dry at least an hour.  After it has dried a day or two, you can put on water seal to protect the grout.

Then you have a finished project!