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Kiln Casting or Pate de Verre - Printable Version

To start out, decide what shape you want to make.

You can carve or mold what you want to cast out of clay, but to make things simple here, we just chose to use some jewels we had around the shop.

We put clay on the bottom of it to make the mold deeper so that it would be able to hold enough glass.

We put the items in the bottom of these containers and poured special mold mix on top.

The mix has the consistency of pancake batter. We allowed them to dry and then pulled away the containers.

We dried the molds out the rest of the way by bringing the molds slowly up to 1500 degrees.

After they cooled off, we prepped them with kiln wash (the pink color you see).

Fill the molds with compatible glass (glass that is the same coe or cools down at the same rate)

We put frit down in the grooves of the rose to add color to the white.

When the molds are ready, they are put in the kiln and brought up to fusing temperature to allow the pieces of glass to melt together.

The original is on the left and the copy is on the right.