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A Quick and Easy Stepping Stone - Printable Version

You will need:
Sand (this can be colored fish tank sand as well as regular play sand)
Disposable container - Entree Size
Concrete - Found at the hardware store.
Decoration - Glass Globs, Stones, Shells - pretty much anything waterproof.

Gather everything together.

Use the Vasaline to grease the inside of the container.
This will allow the stone to slide out easily.

Put about 1/4" of sand in the bottom of the greased container.

Have the kids arrange their decorations in the sand. Put the side you want to see face down into the sand.

Mix the concrete with enough water until it has the consistency of pancake mix and lay it gently into the container.

Fill the container to the top.

If you want, put the lid on top of the container and the wet stone can be taken home.  Handle with care.

After about 24 to 48 hours, turn it gently out onto newspaper and very gently brush the sand away from the decoration.
Your stone is done.